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I Will Stand

Broken, tired
I’ve walked a thousand miles to be in this place
Lost in, pieces
Destroyed so much, how am I even here
When my heart’s been ripped out of my chest
So many times I think that I’ve lost count
I’ve looked back for far too long
And now its time to move forward and be strong

And I will stand
No matter when I get knocked down
I will stand
I will rise up from my knees
I will stand
No matter what this world throws at me
I will stand and lift my head up high
I will stand
I will stand
I will stand

Angry, disgusted
I can’t believe the lack of humanity
Betrayed, so numb
Too much to find forgiveness in my heart
But its time to be a better man
To choose the road that’s harder to walk
It’s the time to let go of all those feelings
So I can finally start to feel the healing

I could spend the rest of my life
being resentful with what people thought of me
Or I could choose to believe
I live a life of integrity
This is my chance to take my power back
It’s the time to take my life back

Richard Sedgman
Copyright 2013