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Its time for your report card
I know you think you did quite well
But I’m here to tell you
It’s not so good
You put on the airs and graces
You even take yourself to church
And sing those worship songs to God

But really
Do you think you’ve done enough?
To get you through those pearly gates
But really
Are you having yourself on
or have you left it too long
To do what is really right

What happens on judgement day?
Have you though about that, I’m not sure
When all your dirty sins
Are finally exposed
Will that cocky smile be on your face
When your standing there begging for grace
And there is nowhere for you to hide (no where to hide)

Sorry to be the one
That points this out to you
It’s all about what’s
in your heart
You spend so much time
Doing what looks good
That you forgot to live your life
the way He did
the way He did

Richard Sedgman
Copyright 2013