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Just Like You

What sort of person would I be
To turn a blind eye to the pain that I should see
How can I worship at the cross
When I’ve just walked past a person who is lost
How can I ever hope to change this world
If I don’t love the way that I should

I want to be just like You
And make a difference in this world
I want to be just like You
And show the kind of love that You show
Open my eyes
I want to be just like You
My Jesus

What kind of life would this be
If all I did was make everything about me
How can I witness in Your name
When I’m not ready to even take the blame

Its not about what or who you know
Its all about love
and reaching out to someone that needs hope
its all about seeing someone that needs a friend
Its all about love
Its all about love

Richard Sedgman
Copyright 2008