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Who Do You See

So tell me
Who do you see
When you look in the mirror, after all that you’ve done
Do you see the ugly person staring back at you
Staring back at you, staring back at you
Who do you see
Do you see something true
When you look back at you

You fooled me
You pulled off the greatest scam of my life
The illusion worked to perfection before my eyes
I fell for your slight of hand
That you were someone
I could trust and give you my life
But it wasn’t real
none of it was real
How do you live with who you are

Now that I’ve gone
The show goes on
Your still playing your act to the crowd
With a smile on your face, you suck them in
One by one, with your smoke and mirrors
Its an illusion that’s so convincing
But it wasn’t real
None of it was real
How do you live with who you are

I worked it all out
I’ve seen right through your act
Its about to rain on your parade
Your show will have its final curtain call
And you will be exposed for who you really are

Richard Sedgman
Copyright 2013