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Big Part Of Me

I look down at you
As you gaze up at me
Your eyes are so blue
They sparkle like the sea
I can’t help but wonder
How your life will turn out to be
Who you’ll fall in love with
And all the things you’ll see (in this world)

I want you to know
Everyday you grow
I’ll be there for you
Whatever you go through
I’ll always be so proud
Of all that you do
I can already see
That your a big part of me
I can already see
That your a big part of me

You can always count on me
When life gets you down
I’ll be the best I can be
When all you want to do is break down
Life is beautiful but some days you’ll be sad
But no matter what son
I’ll always be your dad
in this world

So what are you going to be
A doctor, or a plumber or a muso like me
It doesn’t matter to me
As long as your living your life, the way you want to be
Whatever it is
I’ll stand up and be proud of my boy
I know this for sure, You will bring this world some joy

Richard Sedgman
Copyright 2010